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18.03.2020 - Special Session Meeting

5. Business:

5.01 Correspondence:

# Note: That we received the email communications from David Coburn and Bowen Stuart.

5.02 Should we or should we not meet for worship:

It was agreed that with the potential of the group number being reduced from 100+ it was considered best that we do not meet for Corporate Worship.

Response from Bowen Stuart - Three options for consideration.

  1. Prerecord the message, and release on the Sunday.
  2. Livestream the message to Small Groups, people not in small Groups either attend online or at Church.
  3. Livestream the message to everyone at home.

• Points one and two preferred options.

20/041 MSA: Due to restrictions on large group meetings (100+) by the Australian Government session has decided to suspend Corporate Sunday Morning services at the ChristLife building at 492 South St Glenvale

20/042 MSA: Session strongly encourages and urge worshippers to gather in their established Small Groups on Sunday mornings for worship at 9:30am at their usual locations.

5.03 People not in Small Group:

20/043 MSA: Session encourage and urge those worshippers not in a small group to join with a small group or establish a new group.

5.04 Facilitating Small Group Time.

20/043 MSA: In order to facilitate Sunday morning worship session encourages each small group to engage in; Reading of the Bible, singing, praise, prayer, discussion and accessing the materials online during the meeting time.

5.05 Those Not Able to Attend a Small Group:

20/044 MSA: Session encourages and urges those in self-isolation or unable to attend a Small Group to access the online material and to keep in regular contact with other regular worshippers.

20/045 MSA: Small group worshippers to maintain contact with those who care unable to attend a small gathering.

5.06 Giving:

20/046 MSA: During this time of suspended services regular tithing and offerings are encouraged as ChristLife Church will have on going expenses and giving may be made by Direct Debit, Bank/Internet transfers, or personally (cash or eftpos) at the Church office during office hours.

5.07 Children’s Ministry

20/047 MSA: Session encourages and urges parents to involve their children in the worship time and continue their Christian Education utilizing the Kings Kids material that will be provided.

5.08 Youth:

# Note: Youth owing to size to continue as is and session to seek feedback.

20/048 MSA: Session encourages each worshipper to look out for the needs of others and lovingly help where needed.


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