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Blessed Hope - Psalm 146

Jun 27 2020


Bible Reading: Psalm 136:1-26
Praying for the Church and for each other
Launch Pad
Bible Reading: Psalm 146

Bible Reading: Jude 24-25
Prayer Points:
  • Praise the Lord for His great blessing we have in Christ Jesus
  • Pray for Esa & Kerryn as they finish up at ChristLife that the Lord will bless them and be their strength and life
  • Praise the Lord that Kerryn has a teaching position with Glenvale Christian School commencing Term 3. Ask the Lord to prepare her for the return to the classroom.
  • Pray for each other in the church that we will continue to love and support each other in the Lord in these days of change and isolation
  • Pray for safety for those travelling during the School holidays.
  • Pray that the Lord will heal our land of all COVID-19, and gather people into His kingdom – a kingdom of light and life, of love and grace
  • Pray for the elders that God will give them wisdom and grace as we move into change and uncertainty on the pathway ahead, yet knowing that Christ goes before us and with us through His Spirit
  • Pray that God will shine His beautiful light of grace and peace through us
  • Pray that the Lord will show us ways that we can serve one another to His glory and praise
  • Pray for Rex & Desley Finedon that they will sell their house and be able to move into other accommodation.
  • Pray for the Year 12s and their teachers as COVID-19 has greatly impacted their studies and assessments

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